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At Freedom Hygiene we are committed to innovation. We are a technology driven company whose mission is to seek out innovative solutions which improve hygiene and have a positive impact on the performance of client businesses. Dolium Kegs are one of those solutions.

Used in more than 35 countries worldwide, DOLIUM kegs are the only one-way keg design on the market that is 100% recyclable. They offer a user friendly, cost-efficient, and sustainable alternative to stainless steel kegs and solve the problems that many beverage companies face with the high costs of low-rotation markets and long-distance shipping. DOLIUM kegs also prioritize safety through the supply chain due to its patented automatic pressure release valve.

Freedom Hygiene founder, Paul Browning comments: “The stainless-steel keg or cask is the one piece of brewing equipment that the brewer does not have total control of when it comes down to hygienic cleaning. The time between emptying the container and cleaning it out back at the brewery can be days, weeks and even months, and in the warmer summer months the internal surfaces are probably heavily infected with biofilms which are resistant to conventional detergents and disinfectants and inevitably this will lead to beer spoilage.

“Not only are Dolium One Way PET kegs 100% recyclable there are no return trips and they are better for the environment. As a microbiologist, for me, the biggest advantage is that Dolium provides a sterile container every time and optimizes beer quality and shelf life; the perfect container, for the perfect pint.”

Dolium Prime Kegs are now available in the UK through Freedom Hygiene. Please use our online ordering system below to place your order or contact us for more information.

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