Caption: Paul Browning (third from left) is pictured during a Freedom Hygiene and Itram Spain visit to the NBIC at Southampton University in December 2019

Freedom Hygiene has been invited to become an industrial partner of the National Biofilms Innovation Centre, part of Southampton University.  Formed in late 2017, the NBIC is the very first BBSRC supported innovation knowledge centre (IKC).

The NBIC is tasked with building upon and leveraging existing and historical investments in biofilm research and innovation from UK research councils and connecting the industrial expertise and needs that sits across multiple sectors in businesses of all sizes.  It facilitates, stimulates and supports the translational opportunities for research investment outwards into industry sectors as diverse as agri-food, personal care and consumer products, manufacturing, process and marine industries, water and wastewater treatment, nuclear, oil and gas exploration and refining, chemical, and health sectors.

Food safety and security is a critical issue for the UK all the way though the supply chain from farm to consumer.

Mark Richardson, NBIC’s CEO states: “Exploring novel and innovative approaches to maintaining cleanliness, hygiene and the removal of persistent biofilms in a manufacturing environment is a key unmet need.  NBIC is working actively with the UK academic and industrial community to address these needs.”

Paul Browning, Director of Freedom Hygiene, introduced the company to attendees of the NBIC’s Biofilm Management Workshop in February.  Workshops are held regularly to enable academics and industry to come together to explore innovative approaches to the prevention, detection and management of biofilms.  To learn more and to download February’s NBIC Biofilm Management Workshop report, click here.  Additional NBIC publications and reports are also available to read on the NBIC website.