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Freedom Hygiene is a technology driven company whose mission is to seek out innovative solutions that enable manufacturers and processors to reduce bacterial contamination in their facilities, extend production runs and, where applicable, prolong product shelf life.  We work with some of the biggest names in food and drinks manufacturing as well as dairies, breweries, small food processors and healthcare companies.

Founded by Paul Browning (founder and former owner of Pentasol FB Ltd – now part of Diversey), our independent advice is based on decades of experience as well as the very latest research.  We take pride in working as an integral part of your in-house team and in providing cost effective, high performance solutions which are tailored to suit the needs of each application and site.

Working with academia

We are working in partnership with Campden BRI which is using our biofilm detector (Biofinder) and enzyme biofilm remove detergents as part of its 3-year member funded project on biofilm eradication in food premises.  Reflecting our commitment to emerging biofilm technologies, we hope this project will help drive the adoption of new technologies which could revolutionise the way bacteria are managed in hygiene-sensitive environments.

We are also industrial partners of the National Biofilm Innovation Centre based at Southampton University.  As such we have opportunities to work with academics throughout the UK, trialling new technologies for the elimination of food pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes.

“As a large independent provider of science, technology and information services to the food and associated industries, Campden BRI collaborates with many companies and research organizations in the areas relevant to food and drink production, including food hygiene and technology.  As such, we have been pleased to have input from Freedom Hygiene on a project looking at the removal and inactivation of bacterial biofilms from food industry surfaces. This project is ongoing until the end of 2020, and is looking into the efficacy of anti-biofilm measures for the food industry, including enzymatic cleaners.  

Rob Limburn, Group Manager, Heat Resistance & Decontamination
Campden BRI Group

About us

At Freedom Hygiene we use the very latest technologies to help manufacturers and processors reduce bacterial contamination in their facilities.

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