UVC Units for Virus Control

The sterilAir WR2136 Air Disinfection Unit  

Manufactured by sterilAir – leaders in UVC disinfection technologies – the WR2136 wall mounted unit provides a scientifically sound solution to the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne diseases.

Using the latest UVC technology, the sterilAir WR2136 continuously disinfects air in indoor environments including laboratories, healthcare facilities, waiting rooms, dental clinics, veterinary practices, waiting areas in doctor’s surgeries, therapy and social rooms in the hotel and catering industry, and manufacturing / production areas.

The concentrated UV-C radiation emitted into the upper part of a room allows continuous 24-hour use without endangering people.  The UV tube contained within the WR unit provides 18mJ per cm² and in a room measuring 30m²  this means viruses contained in aerosols within the near field of the unit will be inactivated within milliseconds (the near field comprises an area of up to 0.5m).  Outside of the near field and within the complete range of the unit, viruses will be inactivated in seconds.

Low Running Costs

The sterilAir WR2136 unit is a cost effective way to reduce the spread and associated risks from Covid-19 and other viruses.  In short, we are offering COVID-19 protection to employees and visitors to your premises for just 24p a day.  In addition, the WR2136 unit will destroy all other viruses including flu as well as bacteria, yeasts and moulds to ensure your facilities are as clean and healthy as possible.  

UVC Tube Running Costs Energy Costs Total Cost of WR Unit Running 12 Hours A Day
The recommended life span of a 2036-4N UVC tube is 12,000 hours which equates to a running cost of £0.18 per 12 hour day Energy consumption based on £0.14 per kWh and 12-hour day running is £0.06 24p

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