Conventional Chemicals

Conventional Chemical Treatments

At Freedom Hygiene, we recognise that conventional chemical treatments have a vital role to play in the daily hygienic cleaning of food and drinks manufacturing plants, healthcare and other facilities.  The selection of chemical formulations can have a profound impact upon the ability to retard biofilm development. With this in mind we are committed to providing the very best solutions for each individual site or application.  As a result, we manufacture a complete range of conventional chemical treatments and select what’s best for you in terms of chemistry and methodology to maintain the highest standards of plant hygiene.

Freedom Hygiene products are manufactured in the UK in ISO9001 accredited production facilities.

Working with four UK based independent contract detergent blending plants gives Freedom Hygiene the ability to expand its product range and provide a host of  benefits to our customers.

The benefits of working with Freedom Hygiene

•  Access to additional formulations especially approved terminal disinfectants
•  Technical support from blenders who know the food and drinks industries, and have served them well for many years
•  A product range that will match that of any of our larger competitors

In addition, with an infinity of product formulations, we are not restricted to off-the-shelf compromises or one size fits all applications. 

Freedom Hygiene gives you the freedom to choose.

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At Freedom Hygiene we use the very latest technologies to help manufacturers and processors reduce bacterial contamination in their facilities.

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