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Biofilm Monitoring Technologies

Effective biofilm monitoring is an essential part of any ongoing biofilm elimination programme. We’ve partnered with biofilm sensor manufacturer ALVIM to provide our customers with access to a new and highly effective monitoring technology which exploits the natural biofilm’s ability to affect the kinetics of oxygen reduction on the underlying metal surface. Biofilm growth can be measured by electrochemical methods and expressed as a Biofilm Electrochemical Signal or BES.

Used by global organisations operating in a range of sectors from food and drinks manufacture to oil production and power plants, ALVIM biosensors have several advantages over conventional fouling sensors.

ALVIM biosensors:
•  monitor bacterial biofilm (not generic fouling / deposits)
•  have high sensitivity, precision and flexibility
•  work as a network of interconnected sensors
•  enable complete digital management
•  provide real-time monitoring and partial or complete automation of disinfection treatment

Watch the video below or contact us to learn more.

ALVIM biofilm monitoring probe

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