Researchers at the Institut Pasteur and CNRS have shown that certain viruses are capable of forming complex biofilm-like assemblies, similar to bacterial biofilms reports Science Daily

These extracellular infectious structures may protect viruses from the immune system and enable them to spread efficiently from cell to cell and researchers say ‘viral biofilms’ would appear to be a major mechanism of propagation for certain viruses.

Paul Browning, Director of Freedom Hygiene, comments: “The existence of bacterial biofilms has been known and understood for many years.  Research into the formation of biofilms by viruses however, is relatively new. This research not only has implications for the medical profession but also for organisations operating in hygiene sensitive environments and is critically important in the context of the current Covid-19 pandemic.  We look forward to learning more as research continues.”

To read the findings of the Institut Pasteur and CNRS research, click here.