Freedom Hygiene has launched a new automated dispenser for its sanitiser product range to help organisations protect employees, visitors and members of the public. For optimum convenience and hygiene, the dispenser benefits from an automatic hand detection system which uses a UV sensor for hand detection and the dispense of sanitiser, eliminating the need for the dispenser unit to be touched and so ensuring that the sanitising station remain free of bacteria and viral contamination.

Paul Browning, Director of Freedom Hygiene, comments: “The Coronavirus pandemic has heightened public awareness of cross contamination risks and how infectious diseases can be spread simply by touching surfaces. Whether we’re at work, in a public space or using public transport, we all now know how important it is to maintain the highest possible standards of hygiene and to keep our hands clean in order to avoid picking up or passing on any potentially harmful virus or bacteria.

“One of the main disadvantages of conventional manually operated soap and hand sanitiser dispensers is that they require users to touch the surfaces of the dispenser which as a result can rapidly become contaminated with biofilms.  The design of our new dispenser removes the need to touch the unit and so removes this risk factor.”

For more information about the new automated hand santising unit, please contact us.