The sterilAir WR2136 wall-mounted UVC disinfection unit is now available in the UK from Freedom Hygiene.  Using the latest UV-C technology, the WR2136 unit provides a scientifically sound and cost-effective solution to the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne viruses including influenza.

Manufactured by sterilAir – an established leader in UVC disinfection technologies – the WR2136 wall mounted unit continuously disinfects air in indoor environments including laboratories, healthcare facilities, waiting rooms, dental clinics, veterinary practices, waiting areas in doctor’s surgeries, therapy and social rooms in the hotel and catering industry, and manufacturing / production areas.

Viruses contained in aerosols within the near field of the unit (near field is up to 0.5m) are inactivated in milliseconds and viruses within the complete range of the unit within seconds.  Running costs for a single unit are just 24p per day.

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