Hambleton Brewery has prevented bottle damage and biofilm build up with the use of specialist lubricant, ‘Foodcare Slatglide’.

Manufactured by Activate Lubricants, Foodcare Slatglide is specially developed to provide lasting lubrication on slat conveyors and to be a more cost-effective solution than water lubrication or traditional water-based lubricants.  It also eliminates wet floors in bottling or canning halls which can be caused by the use of water based lubricants.

The use of Foodcare Slatglide helps create a safer environment for two reasons: It eliminates wet floors which create a slip hazard for employees and it will significantly retard the build up of biofilms on the slat conveyor and adjacent floor areas and equipment.

Biofilms can pose a threat to the integrity of the product particularly around the filler and capper area as well as creating a potential health risk to personnel.

Ben Harrison, Managing Director of Hambleton Brewery, comments: “Since using Foodcare Slatglide, we no longer have to apply water to the conveyor and as a result, the whole production process is dryer and bottle bases are dry when they reach our packing area. Bottles fall over less and there is less label scuffing.  In addition, we need to use very little of the product, which makes the lubrication process very cost effective.”

Foodcare Slatglide provides lubrication on light to medium load chains and conveyors.  It is available in 500ml spray bottles and 5ltr containers.

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